Deeper Winter Smartphone Case 2.0

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The handy Deeper protective phone case was designed especially for winter use, but the case is of course well-suited for the summertime as well. You can strap the case to your arm, thus allowing you to access your phone and sonar images any time. Protects against moisture, cold, and knocks.
• Material: PU, PVC, EVA
• Model: FLACC18
• Color: Black
• Size: 205 x 100 x 60 mm
• Weight: 145 g
• Velcro-attachment, adjustable strap
Included in the box:
• Protective case
• Velcro arm strap
• Deeper Sonar security strap
• Quick guide

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Kategori: Båt - Båtelektronik
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Båt - Båtelektronik

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